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With the arrival of Spring, now is the perfect time to get out and about in Buenos Aires. The biggest concentration of parks are in Palermo, where you'll find Parque Palermo, the botanical gardends, the Japanese gardens, even the Hippodromo! If you're craving even more nature, head on over to Puerto Madero where you'll find the nature reserve right on the water.

This is the perfect window to enjoy the weather, since the head and humidity of Summer are lurking in the near future. Now is the perfect time to toss around a frisbee or kick a soccer ball!


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Museums, Museums...

Buenos Aires is a city of culture. Here we discuss some of the cities best museums.


Malba is one of Buenos Aires' most popular museums. It is the only privately owned museum and currently and commonly changes exhibits and pieces to keep the art scene fresh. Known specifically for featuring art from Latin American artists, Malba is a favorite for visitors and art lovers.

MNBA or the Mueso Nacional de Bellas Artes is another popular Museum in Buenos Aires. Although small and unimpressive from the outside, this museum has some art from some of the greats Renior and Rembrandt.


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On being an expat

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Being an outsider can get difficult at times. But don't lose your international cool. Here are some websites that can help you along your traveling way. Expat blog (http://www.expat-blog.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=64) is a list of blogs from fellow expats like yourself. Read up and share in their pain and living abroad trials. Heading to Chile next? Check out this website to see whats going on around Chile http://www.allchile.net/. Find key expat resources here: http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/living/living_abroad/living_in_south_america.shtml Just click on your country and find the list of resources for your area. Active South America (http://www.activesouthamerica.com/) provides a list of activities to do in South America such as hiking, biking, or kayaking. So get to searching the web. Being an expat is great!

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Palermo Zoo, Buenos Aires

Everyone loves animals!

Miss your pet while you're traveling? Looking for a way to commune with some furry creatures? Head to the Palermo Zoo in Buenos Aires. You can see almost any creature you're looking for from the Anteater to the Zebra. It's almost like a petting zoo too. You can feed the antelope or the llama and slide food down into the rhino pit. Don't forget to take a break and sit around with some ice cream. Its a sure way to feel like a kid again.

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Die Hard Fans

In Buenos Aires, the fans get serious about soccer.

Its no surprise that the fans in Buenos Aires are serious when it comes to playing sports. But who knew they took it SO seriously. During popular soccer games at stadiums for local teams River and Boca, the opposing team's fans are released an hour before the home team fans. This is to prevent fights that could turn serious. In addition, police teams are always on the premises to ensure people enjoy the game - not killing each other.

Its also not surprising to receive a 'bomb' of sorts raining down on you if you're seated in one of the lower sections. This can include water, spit, urine and food.

The fans want to win. And they want you to know they want to win.

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