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Travelers, take note.

The economy of the world is in what seems to be a bit of a crisis. While countries like the United States and Iceland are in it for the worse it affects currencies all over the globe. For example in South America currencies are weakening against the dollar which for travlers, might seem good - but will eventually have adverse effects.

Additionally, wire transfer and other money issues are accumulating due to the weakening dollar. As a traveler - keep an eye out for changes!

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Travel Jealousy

Just some prompting to get you going! I've been - now its your turn.


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Recoleta Cemetery

A gorgeous and great place to visit.


The Recoleta Cemetery is one of Buenos Aires' most famous tourist locations. Located in the trendy and high-end neighborhood of Recoleta, the cemetery draws hundreds to even thousands of tourists each year.

The Cemetery holds important historical figures for Argentines such as Evita Peron, with her simple and tasteful grave site always accompanied by a small gathering of people. For most tourists, the cemetery is the best way to link themselves with Argentina's rich past and is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Located off of Avenida Las Heras the cemetery is easily accessible by taxi and bus and is nearby excellent shopping as well as the Recoleta theatre.

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Dia de Primavera (Spring day!)

Spring is here and so is the sunshine


Spring has arrived in South America which means there are a precious few weeks where the sun is shining but not yet too hot. The flowers are blooming and now is turning into a great time to travel. With longer days and more fun to be had this is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors! In Buenos Aires the concerts are just beginning to arrive - Pepsi Rock featuring Dave Mattews Band this weekend, Personal Fest in a month with Bloc Party and REM as well as Madonna (the queen of rock!) visiting in December.

For you outdoorsy types check out www.clubdecorredores.com.ar. They have information on races and other fun outdoor activities.

For tickets check out http://www.ticketek.com.ar

Spring is here and everyone is enjoying the fun!

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Flight advice when flying in Argentina


Here's the skinny on flying within the country.

If you want to fly within Argentina and you're skipping the long bus ride - more power to you. Except for how expensive it is!!

If you decide to fly LAN however you can get a discounted flight by simply saying you are a resident of the country. The key is to pay for your flight before hand, which they might not let you do with a foreign credit card. What you CAN do though is use a Pago Facil, or Rapi Pago and pay for the flight with cash. This will save you almost double the cost of the flight and means that you have now crossed the line from regular to super-savvy traveler.

You're Welcome!

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