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Shot or not to shot?

That is the question...

I've come accross quite a few questions regarding whether or not when traveling in South America you need Yellow Fever and other sickness related innoculations.

As a research sciencist in anitbody titers (shots, basically) and a fellow traveler my answer is a resounding NO. I've learned recently that practically no South American country requires a shot upon entry although some people will suggest you get innoculated against yellow fever. This is precautionary and won't hurt you, but you certainly don't HAVE to have it either. Your bodies natural immune system will protect you fairly well against anything you come accross in South America. Dengue in Brasil is perhaps some of the worst you might come accross but again, healthy adults should be fine.

As always, speak with your doctor before traveling to ensure your saftey, but don't worry if you can't squeeze shots in, before leaving.

All should be well.

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Fees of USD 130 will no be charged to travelers entering the Argentine border.

To the dismay of many (but hey, we charge them don't we) new reciprocity fees will be charged to Americans, Canadians and a slew of other travelers when entering Argentina. It begins Jan. 1st and will remain valid for five years within your passport. Its unfortunate yes, but the travel gods say we must pay. Get out the bilfold!

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Mar del Plata

Coastal travel

-17 °C

Mar del Plata is a great coastal city on the Atlantic waters of Argentina. Its a major fishing port, but not only that, its a large city that is great to visit in the summer weather. There are some great museums for tourists such as the Museum of Modern Art, and the Natural Science museum. Furthermore, Mar del Plata is known for its sea lion colonies. Visitors can go out on the boardwalk to see sea lions basking in the sun or swimming around the ocean. If you're big on architecture, Mar del Plata is also known for its art deco style houses that line the coast. Zoologico el parisio is a great zoo where most of the exotic animals roam around freely, save for a few of the more dangerous kind. Enjoy mar del plata!!

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El Zanjon

El Zanjón is an experience you dont want to miss. Start in a 175 year old Mansion that leads to a series of underground tunnels left over from the city's earl settlement days way back in 1536. Tourists can take an hour long tour through the underground channelings of the city and enjoy a piece of history that not many have been able to partake in. el Zanjón is now considered a museum as an archeologist had to be called in when they first started to excavate the tunnels in San Telmo. El Zanjón is filled with colonial and post colonial artifacts including a brick tunnel that once served as a channeled tributary to the Rio de la Plata.

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Street Food

In my opinion, you cant get any better food than from off the street. In Buenos Aires, the street food is possibly the best. Now, don't get nervous. I'm not talking about someone's leftovers hanging out in the drainage ditch. Instead, I am referring to the multitude of street vendors who sell everything from gum to torta (cake). Places such as Puerto Madero and San Telmo perhaps boast the most amount of street food available. During the San Telmo fair on Sunday's you can purchase a variety of sweets including baked peanuts and cakes. In Puerto Madero, rows of vendors sell Choripan, the famous Argentine snack. Not only is Choripan ( a cut of thick sausage on bread topped with tasty sauces) delicious, but it is also traditional. Argentines love Choripan because it is part of their BBQ tradition known as Parilla. Make sure you try a taste of street foods!

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